Amendment to:
Report on agreement on Priory Hall resolution and redevelopment.


by rollcall vote.



The proposed amendment reads: "That in light of the fact that subsequent to the agreement reached in October 2013 regarding the refurbishment and future sale of the apartments at Priory Hall a homelessness crisis of unprecedented proportions has emerged that the text of the Assistant Chief Executive's report be amended so that the final paragraph be deleted and the bullet points on lines 16 to 18 be deleted and replaced as follows:

  1. That Dublin City Council seek to amend the terms of the October 2013 agreement reached so that the apartments it owns in the New Priory development be entirely utilised to address the social and affordable housing need in the Dublin City Council area.

  2. That half of all Dublin City Council owned apartments in New Priory be made available to social housing applicants.

  3. That a request be made to the Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government that the Affordable and Shared Ownership scheme be reinstituted allowing half of the Dublin City Council owned apartments to be made available to applicants under this scheme.

  4. That Dublin City Council will manage the common areas of this complex and place a pro rata charge for this service on the buy to let owners."

Note: the deciding vote was cast "no" by Lord Mayor Brendan Carr.