Amendment to:
Consideration of Report No. 264/2016 of the Chief Executive's Report on Motions Received on the Proposed Amendments to the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2016 - 2022.


by rollcall vote.



Motion 5056: Map Ref H, Reference Number 5 - Rathmines DIT. That the rezoning of the DIT building Rathmines College be considered by the council. And that consideration be given to reverting to Z4. Reason: Fear that rezoning could lead to devaluation in an Asset of DIT. Please provide information in relation to any potential devaluation as a result of this action before council make a final decision.

(When Motion No 5056 was reached, the following Councillors declared a conflict of interest in relation to their involvement with either DIT or CDETB and withdrew from the Chamber for the duration of the debate and vote on this item: Councillors C Cuffe, P Bourke, A Clancy, C Carney Boud, R Moynihan, C Ni Dhalaigh, J Boylan and P Costello.)