Amendment to:
Whether to proceed with the Clontarf-to-City Centre cycle route.


by rollcall vote.



An amendment which reads: "This Council proposes the acceptance of the development of a detailed design for the Clontarf-Amiens Street cycle route, subject to the following amendments: the locations of bus stops shall be examined and all bus stops along the route shall be redesigned to segregate buses and bicycles as recommended by the National Cycle Manual; the junctions and traffic signalling on the route shall be designed (a) to provide for pedestrians in line with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets and (b) to provide for full segregation of bicycles and motor vehicles; the widths of cycle facilities and buffers are to be in line with the specifications in the National Cycle Manual. If there are pinch points where this is not possible, such locations are to be subject to special design consideration and a safety audit."