Amendment to:
Vote on the Phibsborough Local Area Plan.


by rollcall vote.



“TC5: It is acknowledged that Phibsborough will remain predominantly lowrise in character. Building heights of up to 24m will generally be considered for this site, with commercial building heights of 3 storeys (12m) fronting onto Phibsborough Road with further potential for up to a maximum of 3 setback storeys (24m in total), having regard to architectural expression, location along Phibsborough Road, relationship to adjoining buildings, the public realm and a new civic plaza. Fronting onto the North Circular Road a maximum building height of 3-storeys with a possible 4th storey set back will be considered. In addition proposals to either replace or re-clad the existing unsightly tower (which is circa 28-31m high) will be considered with a maximum of one additional storey of 4m considered either to screen the existing unsightly roof plant and/or to give architectural expression to the roof. Furthermore, that the City Council urge any future developer of the Phibsborough Shopping Centre to consult with the local community and take into consideration any proposals they may have in relation to the broader urban design of the shopping centre site and its impact on the wider public realm in Phibsborough."