Amendment to:
Report on agreement on Priory Hall resolution and redevelopment.


by rollcall vote.



The proposed amendment reads:

"Insert the following after Line 10: However, in the context of the most severe housing and homelessness crisis this city has ever faced, this city council believes Priory Hall Resolution Agreement 2013 is out of data and its recommendations regarding the allocation of residential units wholly inadequate; as a consequence this council rejects the Manager's recommendation that the 'owner-occupier's units will be sold by the Council', and recommends instead that the 44 units of Phase 1 of the New Priory development be allocated to applicants on the City Council's North Central Area housing list the longest such list in the city, comprising as it does over 6,000 applicants, 400 of whom have been on the list for ten years or more, with a further 2,000 plus spending between five and ten years on the list."

Delete lines 22-33 and insert the following: "Further, Dublin City Council will investigate how the remaining units in the next phases of the New Priory development can be allocated to both those applicants on the city council's waiting list and those whose income precludes them from being eligible for social housing, and commits to working with the Department of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government to ensure access to social housing is available to all who want it, irrespective of income."