This probably isn't a comprehensive 'to do' list, but we'll try to keep it reasonably up to date. Once the code is open-sourced, it'll be a little easier to follow along (and contribute).

To do

  • More meaningful URLS for meetings, motions, amendments
  • Simple read-only API (json + csv)
  • Subscribe to topic or area (via email + rss)
  • Make the site legible on phone-sized screens
  • Release the code with an open-source license
  • Track committee memberships
  • Track mayorship
  • Sitemap
  • Re-architect motions vs agenda items
  • Search: councillors, motions, amendments
  • Make sub-pages for councillors' attendance and past votes
  • More caching!
  • Get our license house in order

16-22 April

  • Display Executive's recommendation on motions
  • Page titles
  • Error pages
  • Make data entry & correction easier
  • Make sure all party affiliations are current in the context they're being displayed in (e.g. cllr stapleton should show up as PBP in a 2015 vote)

9-15 April

  • Clarify which rules apply to which votes
  • Update design so voice votes don't look so bad
  • Add an option for voice votes
  • Add a published/draft distinction for motions
  • Implement the more esoteric voting rules
  • Add local electoral area page
  • Add topics page
  • Make media mentions more prominent
  • Add a basic home page
  • Create a public to do list
  • Some fragment caching