To approve the renewal of Dublin City Centre Business Improvement Districts (BID) scheme, also known as DublinTown. This relates to Report No. 258/2017. (There was also a vote to defer this, put forward by Councillor Mannix Flynn but that suggestion was defeated.)


by rollcall vote.






"That Dublin City Council, having regard to the result of the Plebiscite, the submissions made during the consultation process and judging the scheme to be for the benefit of those who live, work and carry on activity in the BIDs area, hereby approves:

  • the renewal of the Dublin City Centre Business Improvement Districts Scheme T/A Dublin Town

-the continued implementation of the BID Scheme

-the re-specification of the area of the Business Improvement District as that included in the DublinTown proposal and delineated as Map No. 15930, dated 15th February 2008

-the operation of the renewed BID scheme for a period of five years from 1st January 2018

-the financing, in whole or in part, of the BID by the specified contribution levies."