To amend a motion to sell council-owned housing to Tuath Housing in an effort to ensure that if it were to go bankrupt, the council would get the homes back.


by rollcall vote.






The council managers proposd, in report no. 88/2019, selling 22 homes at Ellis Court and Benburb Street, Dublin 7, to the approved housing body (AHB) Tuath Housing for €2,794. Workers' Party Councillor Éilis Ryan proposed amending the council's report:

"In relation to report no. 88/2019, to delete from paragraph 16 of the report the phrase: 'save in the case of a financial institution which has entered into a mortgage with the applicant', so that Paragraph 16 reads 'That in the event of the applicant’s bankruptcy or insolvency, Dublin City Council reserves the right to take possession of the site and all of the housing units, (partially completed or otherwise), at no cost to the Council, subject to and with the burden of the Capital Assistance Scheme Charge.'"