To relocate the proposed commercial buffer at the Poolbeg SDZ. It relates to motion 1049.


by rollcall vote.





To relocate the proposed commercial buffer adjacent to South Bank Road so it is parallel with the River Liffey.

Reference: submission by Brendan Buck, Rushfleet Ltd.

Reason: The use of South Bank Road’s position and alignment as the basis for the location of the buffer should be disregarded as it has no basis in land use planning terms. The commercial buffer should instead be provided on a north-south and east-west axis and should act as a buffer of commercial and mixed use development in a block layout form in area B1. The movement of the buffer zone to North of Southbank Road increases the residential capacity for areas A1 and A2.

Executive’s recommendation

The proposed relocation of the buffer zone to the north would: shift the substantial quantum of commercial development proposed within the Draft SDZ Planning Scheme into lands under the ownership of Dublin Port, and undermine Dublin Ports operations and growth; conflict with Dublin Ports Masterplan; result in the western and southern portions of the Buffer being located within the South Port Access Road/Eastern By-Pass Corridor reservation, with the result that there may be no building to act as a buffer; It is unlikely that the 80,000-100,000sqm of commercial development proposed within the SDZ Planning Scheme could be delivered in these circumstances and will result in a poorly delivered scheme.

The failure to deliver the ‘Commercial Buffer’ and the associated the built or ‘shield’ element will result in further conflicts with the Key Principles of the SDZ, notably Section 2.4.2 notably Section 2.3.1 ‘Create a Sustainable Neighbourhood’ and Section 2.4.3 ‘Protect and Enhance the Amenity of Residents’.