Setting up an "Unused Properties Register", and requisitioning properties on the register that remain idle for more than six months for use as emergency housing.


by rollcall vote.





That this Council opens an ‘Unused Properties Register’. The owners of private properties that have been unused/empty for a period of more than six months (as per CSO Census 2011 and other official statistics) will be required to register their intention for use with Council. Where these properties remain idle for a period exceeding six months of registration date or where Council is not satisfied with intended use, by the powers granted to it under Section 213 (2) (A) of the Planning and Development Act (2000), this Council will immediately requisition these properties for immediate use as emergency housing, paying no more than a nominal transaction fee to the owner. The City Council agreed that this time would be amended to six months. The amended motion was put and carried. The Chief Executive clarified the legal position in relation to implementing this motion. He informed the City Council that he does not have the power to set up a register as requested nor to compulsorily acquire properties in the manner outlined in the motion.