Approving proposals set out in the Housing Land Initiative Feasibility Study.


by rollcall vote.





"That Dublin City Council notes the contents of Report No 18/2016 and hereby approves the proposals as set out in the Housing Land Initiative Feasibility Study."

Following agreement of the Council (report 225/2014 refers) and after discussions with the DECLG who in turn consulted with the National Treasury Management Agency, advertisements were placed in the media early in February 2015 seeking participants to a technical dialogue to explore options for developing some large Council owned lands in particular:

 Lands at Belcamp/Malahide Road (North Central);

 Lands at Cherry Orchard (adjacent hospital) (South Central);

 Lands at Oscar Traynor Road/Malahide Road (North Central). This long report looks at each site and, among other things, sets out "Next Steps": Oscar Traynor Road, O’Devaney Gardens & St. Michael’s Estate are ready to go for development purposes.

The project team that is in place will now undertake the task of securing the proper development of the lands without delay and to develop further a cost /affordable rental model.

In light of market conditions and the nature of developments proposed, it may be possible for development to take place concurrently on each of the subject sites.

 Stage one will be the Oscar Traynor Road followed by O’Devaney Gardens and St. Michael’s as both of these will require further assessment of the options by the project team. (When concluded these proposals will be incorporated into a report that will be brought to the Housing and Planning SPC);

 The cost of enabling works including new infrastructure and amenities for the three sites is estimated to be €8 million. However, the capital investment to develop the lands will be recouped over time as the lands are developed;

 It is now proposed to commence implementing the options to develop the lands at Oscar Traynor Road and commence an appropriate procurement to develop the lands immediately."

An amendment to this proposal was put forward by Councillor Daithi Doolan and seconded by Councillor Andrew Montague as follows - Page 2 of Report, Page 325 of Agenda, Para 2, add in “Each Site will deliver a minimum of 30% social housing including senior citizen accommodation - Page 10 of Report, Page 333 of Agenda, add in “The Oscar Traynor site will deliver a minimum of 30% social housing including senior citizen accommodation”.