Whether to not approve the annual council budget for 2018, and instead to seek a meeting with the Minister for Housing to get money to build more on public land.


by rollcall vote.






"That Dublin City Councillors:

– Do not vote on a 2018 budget on Monday 13th November 2017, instead seek a meeting with the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government;

– Request the financing necessary (approximately €1.8 billion) to fund a plan to directly construct approximately 12,000 public housing units on Dublin City Council owned land zoned for residential development and other institutional land identified in the Rebuilding Ireland mapping exercise;

– Wage a public campaign alongside all organisations and campaigns and individuals in support of this objective;

– Reconvene at a later date in advance of the statutory deadline for agreeing a budget to review our progress on achieving this objective and then consider the 2018 budget."