To increase funding for Cleansing Support in Business Areas; Dublin Bikes and Arts and Commemorations. To reduce Vacancy Refund Rate; reduce the proposed boiler charge; and increase Commercial Rates.


by rollcall vote.




"That the Budget for the local financial year ending 31st December, 2017 and set out in report No. 310/2016 be and is hereby amended by Dublin City Council by an increase in expenditure (specify service) of (€ value):

– €287,500 increase in Cleansing Support in Business Area’s;

– €240,000 for Dublin Bikes;

– 5% Reduction in Vacancy Refund Rate;

– €217,500 for Arts and Commemorations funded by an increase in income for (specify income source) of (€ value, matching value above);

– Reduction of €1 in the proposed Boiler charge of €5 per week. New charge will be €4 per week;

– Increase in Commercial Rates from draft GARV of 0.257 to GARV of 0.258."