To prepare and debate a study on the feasibility of delivering public, cost-rental housing on council-owned lands before disposing of the O'Devaney Gardens or Oscar Traynor Rd sites


by rollcall vote.




The City Council notes:

That almost five years on from the Housing Land Initiative being proposed not a single contract has been signed to deliver housing on the three sites under the original Housing Land Initiative (HLI);

That since the agreement of the HLI alternative methods of mixed-income site development are now being pursued such as the St. Michael's Estate public cost-rental project;

That both rent and purchase prices of housing in Dublin have continued to increase and that there is a very real likelihood that the private housing built on these sites will be out of reach of the majority of working households in need of housing.

We recognise the urgent need to deliver housing in Dublin. Nonetheless, we further recognise the finality of any disposal of council-owned land, and, as a result, how critical it is that we pursue the best possible option for delivering housing on the land we own.

In light of the above, the City Council resolves to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study for the delivery of public, cost-rental housing on each of the Housing Land Initiative sites, in line with the proposal for St Michael's Estate, and that this study be placed for debate on a full meeting of Dublin City Council at least one month in advance of any disposal or contractual relationship being established in relation to the O'Devaney Gardens or the Oscar Traynor Road sites.