To rezone land on Marrowbone Lane next to St Catherine’s Sports Centre.


by rollcall vote.


(Not present)





"The variation seeks to change the zoning of lands at Marrowbone Lane from primarily Z9 (with smaller elements Z1, Z6 and Z10) to Z14; and to add new text to the Development Plan to set out a clear framework for the regeneration of the lands.

"The variation before the Members seeks to enable the regeneration of Marrowbone Lane by providing an appropriate zoning to allow the Council owned lands be re-organised, and the depot operation consolidated on a significantly smaller footprint. This will enable the release of a significant block of land which will facilitate new routes through this area, new housing, new sports facilities and open space that will be integrated with the Sports facility at St. Catherine’s. It will also provide an opportunity to re-make Marrowbone Lane with quality public realm, well designed street frontage with a mix of attractive ground floor uses and new community spaces.

"The approach taken has been directly informed by the Liberties Local Area Plan, the Liberties Greening Strategy, and by sporting proposals associated with St Catherine’s. By zoning for regeneration, the Council can move forward with preparing Part 8 planning applications for the lands, allowing for Member’s input into detailed design and for further consultation."