Clontarf Cycle Route: should the council get an independent opinion on whether the public consultation was done correctly?


by rollcall vote.





That Independent Counsel opinion be obtained to confirm that the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Scheme Part 8 process was conducted in full compliance with the relevant statutory requirements. This Independent Council will be chosen by Councillors. This opinion will also include the following in order to protect the integrity of the process;

 What effect did DCC's non-compliance with it's own non-statutory procedures have on the Part 8 Statutory process.

 Whether or not 'an issue that arose' (petition) after the statutory public submission cut-off of the 9th March resulted in the modifications (removal of traffic lane ) that were made to the CEO's Part 8 report of the 28th August. (It should be noted that the DNC Area Committee where the modifications where to take place had at their meeting of the 17th July proposed to accept the managers initial report which did not include the removal of the traffic lane.)

The opinion will also advise on the sections of the Local Government Act 2001 which give reserved powers to Councillors e.g. Section 136, 137, 138, 139 etc and how these powers can be used to best effect if necessary. This specific information will be a much needed and valuable independent resource for immediate and future reference for all Councillors.