Selling 53 council-owned homes to Tuath Housing Association.


by rollcall vote.


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Vote to accept Report 188/2018 regarding Proposed disposal of 53 residential units at Block A, Shelbourne Plaza, Dublin 4, to Tuath Housing Association (a company limited by Guarantee)

From the report: "Dublin City Council acquired 53 residential apartments at Block A, Shelbourne Plaza,Dublin 4, under Part V of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended) from Chartered Land Estate Management. The 53 units were acquired for €24.5m by Dublin City Council and will be used for social housing purposes.

"It is proposed to dispose of these units to Tuath Housing Association, an Approved Housing Body (AHB) and registered charity. Under the terms of the Communications Protocol between Local Authorities and AHBs, where an AHB is already active in the vicinity of a development, the Local Authority can have units, the subject of a Part V Agreement, transferred to an AHB. In this instance, Tuath Housing Association operate in the immediate vicinity of the development and it proposed that Tuath Housing Association will acquire the 53 units and 50 car park spaces from Dublin City Council.

"Tuath Housing Association will recoup the acquisition cost back to Dublin City Council through funding under the Capital Advance Leasing Facility (which will include the costs of any remedial works necessary to the units)."