That Dublin City Council: a. deplores the recent excessive mobilisation of Gardaí including the Public Order Unit into housing estates in Ayrfield, Edenmore, Donaghmede and Clare Hall in order to enforce the installation of water meters in the face of mass, peaceful opposition from the communities concerned; b. furthermore deplores the arrest of residents under the Water Services Act and notes with concern that Garda deployment and their forcible removal of protesters is taking place in close collaboration with a private company carrying out installation work on behalf of Irish Water; c.calls on the Lord Mayor to make representations to the Garda Commissioner on the matter; d. declares its support for peaceful resistance to water meter installation and calls for a mass turnout on the 11th OctoberRight2Water demonstration as initial steps in the struggle to force the abolition of this unjust charge. (Councillor Jim O’Callaghan declared an interest in this item and left the Chamber for the duration of the discussion and vote.)