To vary the Local Property Tax downwards by 15% for 2019.


by rollcall vote.






The basic rate of LPT should stand varied downward by 15% for 2019.

Executive’s recommendation

I recommend that the elected members consider and apply a reduction in the basic LPT rate of at most 10%, effectively returning at least an additional €4m to fund some of the following potential additional services in 2019: • A road ramp refurbishment programme (200 ramps) €1m • A reconstruction programme of 5km concrete footpath €1.5m • A carriageway resurfacing/ reconstruction 3km programme €2.5m • Additional sports officers, jointly funded €150k • Additional events €600k • Additional tree pruning €200k • Additional staff to the planning registry section to get planning applications online €200k • Additional funding for library services of the development of a digital champions programme, the expansion of the readers in residence programme, the expansion of the creative hubs programme and the development of a dedicated historical maps room €500k.